A Message from the President: Greetings from the School Zone!

May 20, 2024


A single teacher can make a world of difference and transform the lives of so many students. In our role as educators, we can see the potential in students that they may not see in themselves. We can help students uncover and embrace what they have to offer and put them
on a positive path.

Promising High School Students
I am always amazed at high school students who grasp the impact they can have as educators and want to pursue teaching as a career. The TAAC projects that received HEA/Pi Lambda Theta-Beta Zeta Hawaii Chapter grants all showcase the enthusiasm our high schoolstudents have for teaching. They give us hope for the future. See pages 3 and 4.

Ongoing Support for Educators
HEA is also committed to helping seasoned teachers sustain their passion for teaching. We provide support for new or mid-career educators who are seeking ways to be more effective educators and are committed to professional development. I hope HEA members and others in Hawaii’s education community take advantage of all these exciting programs.

Mahalo for your ongoing support of HEA!

Joan Kamila Lewis
Board President



Share your story with us! Our teachers are a great source of encouragement, inspiration and positive life transformations. Many of us have had a teacher who has made a major impact on our lives or helped us to simply do better.

HEA wants to showcase testimonials about amazing teachers to highlight the importance of our local educators. These stories will be featured throughout our website, newsletter and social media in 2021 as part of HEA’s 100th anniversary celebration.


More News

Educator Connection Q2 Newsletter Now Available

Educator Connection Q2 Newsletter Now Available

The latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Educator Connection, is here! This issue includes our re-elected Board members, HEA/Pi Lambda Theta-Beta Zeta Hawaii Chapter Awards Six TAAC Grants, for our upcoming three-credit PDE3 Course on Artificial Intelligence and much more. Look out for your copy in the mail, arriving this week!
A New Milestone for HEA

A New Milestone for HEA

Educators across Hawaii all value opportunities to learn about new, emerging subjects that can enhance their teaching.  HEA recognizes their commitment to professional development and is now offering PDE3 credits.
Congratulations to the HEA Board Members!

Congratulations to the HEA Board Members!

Current directors who have been re-elected for another two-year term are: Ms. Pilialoha Lee Loy, retired educator, Mr. Wilbur Luna, retired educator, Mr. Meredith Maeda, retired administrator and Mrs. June Motokawa, retired educator from the Department of Education.