HEA Scholarships for Current & Aspiring Educators

The mission of the Hawaii Education Association Scholarship Fund is to support the educational endeavors of Hawaii educators, HEA members, and their dependents to shape their future to reach their full potential.

HEA offers a slate of scholarships for public school teachers, administrators, educational assistants, student teachers, college students, and graduating high school seniors. These scholarships assist current and future teachers with professional development and achieving college degrees. HEA has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of scholarship recipients in the teaching profession. Our goal is to help you become the best that you can be.

Applications are now open!

In-Service Public School Educators

Scholarship Amount: $2,000

For tenured and/or permanent Hawaii State Department of Education pre-K – 12 teachers, school administrators, or educational assistants, HEA offers scholarships to support study or training.


Ronald K. Toma Professional Development

Scholarship Amount: Varies

For tenured Hawaii State Department of Education pre-K – 12 teachers and school administrators, HEA offers scholarships to support those pursuing enrichment opportunities and professional development.


Student Teachers

Scholarship Amount: $2,000

For student teachers intending to teach in the Hawaii State Department of Education, HEA and the family of Helen McKay have established a Student Teacher Scholarship to minimize the need for employment during the student teaching semester.


Hiroshi & Barbara Kim Yamashita Undergraduate College Students

Scholarship Amount: $2,000

For full-time undergraduate students majoring in education and intending to teach in a Hawaii public school, HEA is pleased to offer the Hiroshi & Barbara Kim Yamashita HEA Scholarship to assist with college.


Continuing College Students

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

HEA offers college scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in education.


Graduating High School Seniors

Scholarship Amount: $2,000

HEA offers college scholarships for graduating high school seniors who will enroll in any two-year or four-year accredited institution of higher learning.


2021-22 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2021-22 HEA scholarship recipients. These exceptional current and future teachers showcased exemplary skills, drive and dedication to achieve their professional goals and pursue excellence in their careers.

2021-22 In-Service Public School Educator Scholarship

Kari A. Handley

Lehua Elementary School

Kari Handley is a Special Education teacher and Grade Level Chair at Lehua Elementary School. She is a specialist with 15 years of experience in servicing students from the Leeward and Central District who require an aural/oral component as part of their individualized educational program. She is also a member of the school’s leadership team, and represents her fellow teachers as an HSTA leadership member. She is pursuing her master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

2021-22 In-Service Public School Educator Scholarship

Denise K. Karratti

Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School

Denise Karratti is currently an academic coach at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School, a Hawaii State Teacher Fellow and a National Board Certified Teacher in Literacy. She has a master’s degree in teaching from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is currently attending Chaminade University to receive her master’s degree in Education Leadership, School Administrator Certification.Her goal is to eventually be an administrator where she may be both a champion of teachers who champion students and serve as an ambassador who brings stakeholders together to create public schools where our keiki can thrive.

2021-22 Ronald K. Toma Professional Development Scholarship

Lori Ann Koyama

Lahaina Intermediate School

Lori Ann Koyama has 25 years of teaching experience at Lahaina Intermediate School, where she began her teaching career. To further her learning and fulfill a lifelong desire to learn the Hawaiian language, she enrolled and immersed herself in a Hawaiian language course offered by the University of Hawaii. She freely shares this new knowledge with her students (haumana). The Toma scholarship will help to cover the tuition expense for the next higher level Hawaiian language course that is available.

2021-22 Ronald K. Toma Professional Development Scholarship

Laurie L.Q. Luczak

Hokulani Elementary School

Laurie Luczak is the principal at Hokulani Elementary and has led that school since 2015. She is currently pursuing a Certificate in Educational Finance from Georgetown University. The Toma scholarship will help to cover the tuition expense of the certification. Coursework from the certification will focus on boosting leadership knowledge and expanding on topics such as finance, economics, public policy and administration.

2021-22 Helen McKay Student Teacher Scholarship

Mary G. Ward

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Mary Ward is currently student teaching and pursuing her master’s of education in Teaching from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is scheduled to graduate in 2022. Recognizing that not all students may have someone they can connect with or are able to count on for support, Mary strives to be a cheerleader for her students as they move through their challenges.

2021-22 Hiroshi & Barbara Kim Yamashita Undergraduate College Students Scholarship

Tord H.M. Ivarsson

Kapiolani Community College

Tord Ivarsson is currently attending Kapiolani Community College with the goal of eventually becoming a full-time elementary school teacher, like both of his parents. As an ESL speaker himself, he would like to one day contribute to Hawaii’s school system by building a culture-rich classroom that includes all types of learning styles, ethnicities, and cultural diversities to streamline effective learning.

2021-22 Continuing College Scholarship

Stephen O. Aisabokhae

Prairie View A&M University

Stephen Aisabokhae is currently attending Prairie View A&M University and pursing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. His passion and goal is to be a change agent in the educational sector, ensuring equity and access to educational resources. He has been engaged in research examining resilience and retention in the age of COVID-19, as well as intervention research with a focus on black male development and strategies for academic excellence.

2021-22 Continuing College Scholarship

Czeara Rae D. Santos

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Czeara Rae Santos is enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Her goal is to complete her degree and teach at a Hawaii public school where she can be a positive and motivating figure for her students by creating an inclusive, multicultural, and dynamic classroom environment where they all feel supported and valued.

2021-22 Graduating High School Seniors Scholarship

Pascal Y.K. Cabuzel

Hawaii Preparatory Academy,
Grandson of HEA Member Maring Gacusana

Pascal Cabuzel graduated from Hawaii Preparatory Academy and plans to attend University of Southern California. He is interested in pursuing a degree in Architecture and/or Economics. His childhood interest in creating incredible structures with Lego continues to inspire him to pursue a degree in Architecture. He has already completed two college architecture courses at Hawaii Community College which has piqued his interest in tiny homes’ ability to maximize space and live minimally. A recent Economics class at HPA has opened up his awareness of the various financial markets and has sparked his desire to learn more and even teach others about it.

2021-22 Graduating High School Seniors Scholarship

Rhynne T. Lee

Moanalua High School,
Daughter of HEA Member Janice Lee

Rhynne Lee graduated from Moanalua High School. She plans to attend Whitworth University and major in Strategic Communication and Technology with a minor in Public Relations. Facing COVID-19 this past year has shown her how critical communication is for individuals, organizations and our community. She has been actively involved in many community service organizations and held leadership roles at her school. She served as president for the Moanalua High School Symphony Orchestra, captain of the Marching Band’s Color Guard, and was a Senator in the Student Association for the past four years.