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I thought I would change the subject and lighten up the discussion. I’m so-so with social media. I do Facebook, Snapchat, e-mail and on-line ordering and I read tweets. However, my grand and great-grand nieces and nephews do their thing on the computer, they often leave me behind. I suspect some of you are in the same boat. People who did not grow with social media are called “digital immigrants.” Generally, they were born before 1980. Others are “digital natives” who grew up with technology and they were born after 1980. If you go into an Apple store, 18-month year old children are sitting on their bouncy chair playing with an iPad. So, I thought I would focus on the abbreviations digital natives use when they are on social media. Let’s get started with the most common abbreviations: LOL is laugh out loud or lots of love. Be careful not to mix them up or you will send “laugh out loud” when you mean “lots of love.” BTW is by the way, BRB stands for be right back. LMK is the acronym for let me know. Here are some other acronyms that social media natives use:

  • *$ = Starbucks

  • ! = I have a comment

  • **// = it means wink, wink

  • 121 = one to one

  • 142n8ly = unfortunately

  • 123 = I agree

  • 143 = I love you

  • 1432 = I love you too

  • 20 = location

  • 2G2BT = too good to be true

  • 2moro = tomorrow

  • 2nite = tonight

  • 2QT = too cute

  • 420 = marijuana

  • 511 = too much information

  • NVM=never mind

  • L8R= later

  • 88 = hugs and kisses

  • ? = I have a question

  • A2D = agree to disagree

  • ACC = actually

  • CYT = see you tomorrow

  • IMHO = In my humble opinion

  • F2F = face to face

  • WYCM = will you call me

  • MOS = mom over shoulder

  • P911 = parent alert

  • PAL = parents are listening

  • PAW = parents are watching

  • ISO = in search of

This gives you a flavor of the social media language. There are hundreds of acronyms used. If you receive a message that has acronym that you don’t recognize, go to NetLingo.com which is an internet dictionary. Your grand kids and akamai friends know hundreds of internet acronyms so I have only given the tip of the iceberg. Learn the computer and social media. The Great Aloha Run offers free classes from June to September. The Hawaii State Library offers free computer classes to seniors at some branches. The Kalihi Palama branch begin classes in February. Check with your local branch. The Community Colleges also have free classes for seniors and of course, the DOE Adult Education Schools offer computer classes for a small fee. Learning the computer is a necessary for everyone, young and old. Have fun when you communicate on social media with your friends and family. B4N=bye for now.

By Joan Lee Husted, HEA Board Member

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