Joining the Hawaii Education Association

Come be part of an organization that uplifts and empowers local educators and the profession of teaching. We welcome students, active and retired teachers, and any community member interested in supporting education in Hawaii.

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Start or Renew Your Membership

HEA offers two options to start or renew your membership. Choose to either pay your dues directly online or opt into payroll deduction or pension deduction to enroll in automatic scheduled payments. Dues payment via payroll deduction or pension deduction is only available to educators or retired educators of the Hawaii Department of Education or the University of Hawaii system.

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Six categories of HEA membership:

  1. Active Member: Any person in educational service of a professional nature in the State of Hawaii.
  2. Retired Member: Any person retired from educational service of a professional nature in the State of Hawaii.
  3. Life Member: Prior to July 1, 2012, any person upon retirement from active service who: (a) For 10 consecutive years immediately prior to the date of retirement has been a paid member of the Association, or (b) for 20 or more years has been a paid member of the Association, provided he/she was a paid member for two years immediately preceding his/her retirement.
  4. Student Membership: Student members shall be actively enrolled in an institute of higher learning. Student members in good standing shall enjoy all the benefits of membership and be entitled to vote on matters submitted to a vote of the members, but are not entitled to hold office.
  5. Associate Member: Any person interested in advancing the cause of education. (Does not participate in governance).
  6. Honorary Member: Designated by the Board of Directors in recognition of distinguished service to education in Hawaii.

Membership Benefits


HEA awards scholarships every year for high school students to attend college, college students to continue their studies, and teachers to further their education, with preference given to our membership. Learn more and apply for scholarships on our Scholarships page.