Pascal “Kawehi” Cabuzel

2021-22 Graduating High School Seniors Scholarship Recipient

Hawaii Preparatory Academy

Most children love building forts and playing with sticks, but for Pascal “Kawehi” Cabuzel, those childhood activities grew into a passion that stayed with him throughout his school years.

“From a young age, I loved building towering forts with Legos or gathering sticks and leaves at my Nana’s house to build towns and infrastructure,” said Kawehi. “I love creating and building things as a form of expression.”

Kawehi was awarded a 2021-22 HEA Graduating High School Seniors Scholarship. He graduated from Hawaii Preparatory Academy in Kamuela on Hawaii Island in 2021 and is currently a first-year student at the University of Southern California. His grandmother, Maring Gacusana, is an HEA member.

The HEA scholarship is helping him pay for his college education where he will continue his passion for learning. In addition to architecture, Kawehi enjoys finance and is currently pursuing a major in economics.

“With Hawaiiʻs high cost of living, I hope to return home and possibly teach or incorporate finance in schools,” said Kawehi. “Just knowing how to use your money well is a good skill for kids to have.”

Kawehi also envisions building small, affordable tiny homes for Hawaii communities upon his return. But for now, all those dreams wait in the wings while he enjoys college. Kawehi plans to travel the world first before returning to the islands.

“I’m very grateful for this scholarship knowing that others are very deserving too,” said Kawehi. “I hope to fulfill that role to give back to Hawaii in some way.”



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