A Message from the President: Greetings from the School Zone!

November 16, 2023


It is never easy to say aloha to a friend and respected colleague. Joan Lee Husted’s loss affects everyone — far beyond Hawaii’s education  community. She made a tremendous impact in the lives of so many and paved new paths for teachers, women leaders, and labor. She was a formidable force that has left a lasting impression on so many of us. Her integrity and straightforwardness were always refreshing and I believe her example will serve as an inspiration for others. Her influence will definitely be felt for generations to come.


Carrying on Joan’s Legacy

Joan’s dedication inspires all of us at HEA to continue to press forward. This is what she would have wanted of us. That’s why we are looking forward to our annual  Leadership Summit and Workshop at the Blaisdell Center on December 8 and 9.

Joan never shied away from difficult topics or addressing proverbial elephants in the room. We’ll be tackling the intersection of artificial intelligence and ethics and I’m sure there will be lively discussions to ensure educators remain at the forefront of these new technologies and can use them responsibly.


Get Ready for a Great Leadership Summit and Workshop

We have invited those who are familiar with Hawaii and are friends of HEA: Frederick Lane and Dr. Troy Hutchings. They will share their insights and perspectives with policymakers at our Leadership Summit and educators at our Workshop. You won’t want to miss this. The sessions are free and includes lunch, but you must register. Please take a few minutes to review the session descriptions in this issue of the newsletter and register today through the HEA website.

At the Saturday workshop, we’ve also planned a lively discussion of Pearl City High School students who are pursuing teaching as a profession. It will be led by teacher Tammy Yoon. You’ll want to make sure to hear from the next generation of educators!


Mahalo for Your Ongoing Support

Thank you for all your support. I look forward to seeing you at the Leadership Summit and Workshop!


With much aloha,

Joan Kamila Lewis
Board President



Share your story with us! Our teachers are a great source of encouragement, inspiration and positive life transformations. Many of us have had a teacher who has made a major impact on our lives or helped us to simply do better.

HEA wants to showcase testimonials about amazing teachers to highlight the importance of our local educators. These stories will be featured throughout our website, newsletter and social media in 2021 as part of HEA’s 100th anniversary celebration.


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Reminiscing About Joan Lee Husted’s Many Contributions

Reminiscing About Joan Lee Husted’s Many Contributions

The Hawaii Education Association is sad to report the loss of Joan Lee Husted, HEA’s Vice President, who tirelessly dedicated more than 40 years of her life to elevating the teaching profession and the role of Hawaii’s teachers and improving the quality of education for students. She passed away on October 2, 2023 in her home. She was 85 years old.