In Memoriam

November 16, 2023

HEA extends condolences to the family and friends of the following HEA members:

Barbara Bales
Barbara R. Bowling
Sara Burgess
Frances C. Crowell
Donald M. Fujimoto
Matsue U. Fujimoto
Donald S. Fukuchi
Kenneth K. Furukawa
Shinye Gima
Amy A. Hagihara
Dickey T. Hamasaki
Burdene H. Hanes
Mitsuko T. Higa
Raymond M. Higa
Fukue S. Higashino
Bertha G. Ho
Janet M. Horinouchi
Joan Lee Husted
Janet S. Ishikawa-Fullmer
Karen E. Itoga
Tadaoshi Iwami

Nobue K. Izutsu
Aileen Y. Johnson
Helen K. Jones
Shirley Kakuda
Fred I. Kamemoto
Richard S. Kaneko
Sharon K. Kaohi
Mildred M. Kibota
Douglas H. Kodama
Miyuki Kurisaki
Eveyln T. Kuwada
Janet W. Lee
Juliette S. H. Ling
Betty K. H. Liu
Sandra G. Low
Leslie S. Matsubara
Herbert Y. Matsumoto
Yasuko Matsunaga
Nobuko I. Mimaki
Hugng Vun W. Minette
Carlton M. Miura


Mildred Miyashiro
Tomiko A. Murayama
Karen K. Muronaka
Claude T. Nagishi
Maisie N. Nagaishi
William M. Nagaishi
Thomas M. Nakai
Phyllis L. O. Naksuji
Robert M. Nishida
Mitzie Nitta
David K. Nosse
Jacqueline K. Oda
Gladys K. Okada
Laureen M. Okamoto
Irene Okino
Francis K. Oshiro
James J. Oshiro
Helen T. Otaguro
Francis Pottenger
Ernest H. Rezents
Shirley C. Robertson

Carol L. Schrader
Karen M. Seward
Eugene Y. C. Shang
Katsue Shishido
Ronald B. Stewart
Fred S. Takebayashi
Harriette E. Tanigawa
Doris F. A. Toda
Edward Y. Toriano
Thomas T. Tsuha
Hazel Tsukano
Lawrence S. Wakui
Jack H. Ward
Gladys M. Watanabe
Elinor Wolff
Allen M. Yamada
Leatrice Yokoyama
Mary Zarbaugh



Share your story with us! Our teachers are a great source of encouragement, inspiration and positive life transformations. Many of us have had a teacher who has made a major impact on our lives or helped us to simply do better.

HEA wants to showcase testimonials about amazing teachers to highlight the importance of our local educators. These stories will be featured throughout our website, newsletter and social media in 2021 as part of HEA’s 100th anniversary celebration.


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Educator Connection Q4 Newsletter Now Available

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A Message from the President: Greetings from the School Zone!

A Message from the President: Greetings from the School Zone!

It is never easy to say aloha to a friend and respected colleague. Joan Lee Husted’s loss affects everyone — far beyond Hawaii’s education community. She made a tremendous impact in the lives of so many and paved new paths for teachers, women leaders, and labor. She was a formidable force that has left a lasting impression on so many of us. Her integrity and straightforwardness were always refreshing and I believe her example will serve as an inspiration for others. Her influence will definitely be felt for generations to come.