Members in Memoriam

November 10, 2021

We take a moment to remember the members who have passed this year. Many of our successes are due to dedicated lifetime educators who championed effective teaching and excellence in education.


Akiona, Shirley L
Alexander, Lawrence
Aquino, Daniel L
Arakaki, Alice
Aratani, Roy
Au, Lilly H
Bento, Marvel H
Brennan, Barry M
Brown, Gladys C
Bulatao, Jose
Chang, Harold H M
Chong, Evelyn Z
Dang, Claire S
Dunn, Bassil I
Fong, Francis C
Fox, Robert A
Fukumoto, Mildred
Fukushima, Estelle
Hamamoto, Judy C
Hayakawa, Fusae
Hayashi, Wayne
Hicks, Robert Z
Higa, Noboru

Higa, Doris Y
Hiramoto, Edmond M
Ho, Thelma T
Iseri, Charles N
Ishihara, Nancy K E
Kaaihue, Lorraine
Kanda, Walter Y
Kaneko, Yoshiyuki
Kasahara, Noriko
Kawachika, Kay S
Kido, Lily Y
Kimura, Doris T
Kimura, Laura C
Larioza, Estrella
Lee, Lois Y
Lum, Cecilia K
Lum, Fenton K M
Matsukawa, Joe S
Miller, Juanita W
Minami, Shigeto
Minami, Nona A
Miyamoto, Barbara A Y
Mizuba, Susan

Mori, Rikio
Morita, Wallace K
Morton, Jeanette S
Muranaka, Sue S
Nakamura, Julia
Nakano, Stanley
Nakasone, Toshiyuki
Nishikawa, Ayame
Nose, Matsuyo
Okinaka, Kikuye M
Okino, Burton
Oliveira, Betty Mae
Oshiro, Mary M
Ouye, Walter M
Ramos, Anthony J
Sakamoto, Mildred M
Sakihara, Betsy Keiko
Sasaki, Richard
Sato, Nobuo
Schwartz, Arnold D
Shimabukuro, Myra M
Shimabukuro, Seiji
Shiroma, Dennis M

Silva, Margaret L
Stephenson, Thelma K
Stranske, Phyllis M
Stueber, Ralph K
Sueoka, Sarah
Sugimoto, Jane S
Takahashi, Annette M
Takai, Nobuko
Takayesu, Jane
Tomasa, Kazuo
Umipeg, David P
Watanabe, Howard T
Watanabe, Eunice S
Watanabe, May
Westgate, Virginia W
Yabusaki, Ellen T
Yamaguchi, Ethel Y
Yamamoto, Lawrence T
Yang, Janet P
Yee, Adrienne C



Share your story with us! Our teachers are a great source of encouragement, inspiration and positive life transformations. Many of us have had a teacher who has made a major impact on our lives or helped us to simply do better.

HEA wants to showcase testimonials about amazing teachers to highlight the importance of our local educators. These stories will be featured throughout our website, newsletter and social media in 2021 as part of HEA’s 100th anniversary celebration.


More News

Educator Connection Q4 Newsletter Now Available

Educator Connection Q4 Newsletter Now Available

The latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Educator Connection, is here! This issue includes details about our recent virtual event, "Sparking Our Passion," information about the special Centennial Awards and much more. Look out for your copy in the mail, arriving this week!
Virtual Hallway Chats Feature Local Thought Leaders

Virtual Hallway Chats Feature Local Thought Leaders

More than 60 statewide attendees convened on Zoom on October 15 for the Hawaii Education Association’s first Educator Connection event, “Sparking Our Passion,” which provided teachers, administrators, students and retired educators with an opportunity to dialogue about transforming teaching during the pandemic.
A Message from the President: Aloha!

A Message from the President: Aloha!

As always, I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and well! And always a heartfelt thank you for your kind and supportive letters and gifts to HEA.