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Stories About Hawaii Educators

Watch and read stories about the life-changing impact of local teachers and professors.

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Our teachers are great sources of encouragement, inspiration, and positive life transformations. Many of us have had a teacher who made a major impact on our lives or helped us to simply do better.

Here, HEA showcases testimonials about amazing teachers to highlight the importance of our local educators. These stories were collected and featured throughout our website, newsletter, and social media in 2021 as part of our 100th anniversary celebration.

Community Testimonials

We are honored to share these memories from our community about the impact of Hawaii educators on their students’ lives.

"She is a leader of innovation and aloha."

Lori Ann Koyama

Lahaina Intermerdiate School

2021-22 Ronald K. Toma Professional Development Scholarship Recipient

"Ever since I have known Mrs. Handley, she has demonstrated tremendous leadership, commitment, and a positive attitude to serving students and our families."

Kari Handley

Lehua Elementary School

2021-22 In-service Public School Educator Scholarship Recipient

"I don’t know what Mrs. Florence Lang at Palisades Elementary School saw in my work, but she forever changed my life when she shared my third-grade short story with a locally produced children’s program."

Francis Duhaylongsod

In honor of Florence Lang

Palisades Elementary School

"Professor Randy Hirokawa at the University of Hawaii at Hilo took me under his wing when I was lost. He helped me research graduate schools and pick my classes. He’s the reason I’m pursuing my Masters in Communication."

Ashley Laybon

In honor of Randy Hirokawa

University of Hawaii at Hilo